About the Canadian Homelessness Research Network

The struggle to end homelessness in Canada is hampered by a general inaccessibility of information on the subject. This has meant that decision makers in government and the community are often left to develop responses to homelessness without access to the best research knowledge available.

For research to be effective, it has to be easily accessible, AND easily understood. In an effort to address the gap between research, policy and practice, the CHRN brings together researchers, governments, non-profit service providers and community groups to establish effective mechanisms for mobilizing research to inform and support decisions that contribute to solutions on homelessness.

The CHRN believes that research CAN contribute to ending homelessness. By focusing our activities on networking, education and knowledge mobilization, the CHRN will provide opportunities for sharing and collaboration between national and international researchers, service providers, and policy makers. Enhancing the linkages between research and action will help us move towards effective long-term solutions to homelessness


Building on the success of the Canadian Conference on Homelessness (2005), the www.homelesshub.ca was created to address the need for a single place to find homelessness information from across Canada. Launched in 2007, the Homeless Hub is a web-based research library and information center representing an innovative step forward in the use of technology to enhance knowledge mobilization and networking. The Homeless Hub has emerged as a place where community services providers, researchers, government representatives, and the general public can access and share research, stories, and best practices.

The project began with an understanding that different stakeholders (in government, academia and the social services sector) are likely to think about and utilize research in different ways. As such, the website is built with different stakeholders in mind. Anyone can access and share the latest research, policy and best practices associated with alleviating homelessness and housing instability.