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"What works?"

In an era of growing interest in developing solutions to homelessness, it is increasingly important to know what works, why it works and for whom it works. York University (Toronto) and the University of Victoria are engaging in a collaborative research project that will establish a framework for evaluating the effectiveness of programs that address ending homelessness. Objectives:

1. Based on a review of the literature and expert consultation, develop indicators for assessing programs and practices aimed at ending homelessness;

2. Develop and test an evaluation framework for assessing the effectiveness of programs for ending homelessness

3. Mobilize knowledge related to best practices in ending homelessness and guidelines for program evaluation in order to enhance community capacity.

A central feature of this project will be the development of effective knowledge mobilization strategies to disseminate the products of this work, increase understanding of effective responses to ending homelessness, enable the transferability of program models, and facilitate community engaged strategies for evaluating programs aimed at ending homelessness.

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