People and Partners

Lead Research Team

Dr. Stephen Gaetz (Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, York University) is the director of the initiative. Dr. Gaetz’ research interests include homelessness, youth culture, criminal victimization and community development. Prior to his time at York University, Dr. Gaetz worked in the Community Health Sector, both at Shout Clinic (a health clinic for street youth) and at Queen West Community Health Centre in Toronto. Dr. Gaetz has played a key role in enhancing pan-Canadian networking and collaboration amongst stakeholders interested in homelessness research in Canada. Finally, he is the Principle Investigator and Director of the Homeless Hub.
The participants in this project constitute the core of Canadian excellence on homelessness research and knowledge mobilization. Co-investigators and collaborators include: 
Alina Tanasescu is the Director of Research and Public Policy with the Calgary Homeless Foundation, the organization leading the implementation of Calgary's 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness. She is also pursuing a doctoral degree in Anthropology at the University of Calgary exploring informal housing and immigration. Before joining the Foundation, Alina held the affordable housing research and policy portfolio at the United Way of Calgary and Area for three years and worked in a variety of immigrant and homeless serving agencies.
Anita Palepu (St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver) is an expert on homelessness and substance use.
Bill O’Grady (Associate Professor, University of Guelph) has conducted research on street youth, justice issues and income generation.  
Celine Bellot (Professor, School of Social Work, Université de Montréal) has conducted extensive research on homelessness and legal and justice issues in Quebec, and is a key member of Collectif de recherche sur l'itinérance, la pauvreté et l'exclusion sociale (CRI).  
David Hulchanski (University of Toronto), who is perhaps the best known researcher on housing and homelessness in Canada, is PI and CI on numerous SSHRC funded research projects, and is the Director of the Centre for Urban and Community Studies (U of T). 
Isolde Daiski (Assistant Professor, Nursing, York University) is a leading researcher in nursing and homelessness. 
Janet Mosher (Associate Professor, Osgoode Hall, York University) is internationally known for her work on poverty law and access to justice for disadvantaged groups, including women and people who are homeless. 
Jeff Karabanow, (Associate Professor Social Work, Dalhousie), specializes in homeless youth issues and has publications related to street youth services, culture, and etiology. 
Jim Frankish (Professor, Institute of Health Promotion Research, UBC) focuses on health promotion, health, research methodology and knowledge mobilization in the area of homelessness. 
Michael Shapcott (Director Affordable Housing and Social Innovation at the Wellesley Institute) has worked extensively in Toronto, in many parts of Canada, nationally and internationally on housing and housing rights, poverty, social exclusion, urban health and health equity.
Roch Hurtubise (Professor, Social Work, l’Université de Sherbrooke) conducts research on homeless youth, shelters and families living in poverty, and is a member of CRI.  
Roger Keil (Director, The City Institute, York University) conducts research on urban issues, marginalization and the spread of TB amongst homeless populations.
Shirley Roy (Professor, Sociology, UQÀM) is also a member of CRI, and she specializes in the study of poverty and social exclusion.  
Stephen Hwang (St. Michael’s Hospital, Centre for Inner City Health; Associate Professor, University of Toronto) is a leading researcher on health and homelessness, and is the Director of Reach 3.  
Tim Aubry (Senior Researcher, Centre for Research on Educational and Community Services, University of Ottawa) conducts research on homelessness and mental health, and is a key player in Ottawa’s Alliance to End Homelessness, as well as Reach 3.  
Uzo Anucha (Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, York University) conducts research on housing, race and immigration. 
Valerie Preston (Professor, Geography, York University and York Director, CERIS – The Ontario Metropolis Centre) is a leading immigration researcher whose recent work includes a pan-Canadian study of immigrants’ and refugees’ housing needs and situations.
The success of the CHRN in large part depends on the extent and quality of our partnerships. Our model of partnership places us in the middle, with linkages to regional and topical research clusters, as well as collaborations with a range of institutions that deal with the issue of homelessness, but perhaps do not focus narrowly on research. 
At the outset, we established collaborations with national partners such as Raising the Roof, the Salvation Army and PovNet. We have also partnered with regional networks in British Columbia, Newfoundland and Quebec (CRI) and support emerging networks in the North. We have also linked with key service delivery organizations such as Sherbourne Health Centre (Toronto), Réseau Solidarité Itinérance du Québec (Montreal); Street Health (Toronto); Choices for Youth (St. Johns, Newfoundland); the Yellowknife Women’s Society (Yellowknife, NT), and the City of Toronto, as well as Dalhousie University, l’Université de Sherbrooke and Université de Montréal. As the project grows, we will seek to add new and promising partners and collaborations regionally, nationally and internationally.